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Colour to Life - Chiildrens Book
HOT OFF THE PRESS! Colour to Life is a colouring and drawing book for adults and children of all ages.

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What is Visual Communication?

Put simply, Visual Communication is the translation of ideas into imagery.

It is a very exciting field of work as it relates to the way we perceive the world. On the surface a Visual Communicator conveys ideas and information most commonly in the forms of graphic design, illustration, drawing, signs, photography, colour and typography.

Visual Communication dates back thousands of years. Some examples of early Visual Communicators are our rock art ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and the Romans, who used a Latin typographic system.

In the modern world a Visual Communicator produces work for people of all walks of life, to aid in areas such as: generating awareness of a business, service, product, campaign or concept; developing projects and identities with a visual component and, most importantly, education and awareness.

One of the most powerful and influential communication tools in the modern world is the World Wide Web. Visual Communicators play a pivotal role in effecting the visual strategies and implementation involved with publishing material for both print and digital mediums.

Visual Communicators endeavour to get to the source of the project they are working on and translate it into a visual expression. It is an intuitive process that creative people know well. It is also a very rewarding occupation as our eyes are very powerful tools and what we see can affect us on many different levels.

Everything in this world first began as an idea and then took on form. To make an idea become a reality is for me the ultimate challenge and that is why Visual Communication is such a rich and rewarding field to work in.

Rommie Corso
Founder of Hardshell Publishing

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